North Adelaide – Hotels and Accommodation

Planning to reach Adelaide? The Australia’s wine capital is waiting for you! Once there, you just have to ditch the hustles of the CBD and rush for the lush green upmarket streets. And that is North Adelaide. A couple of kilometers northwards from the city centre and you are right there. North Adelaide is packed with accommodation for every lifestyle, and you won’t miss on some of the classiest bars and restaurants to enjoy your soirees! Put North Adelaide in your diary and you are sure to have the best of South Australia.

Once seeing Apartments in North Adelaide and you will realize that it is one of the Australia’s most affluent suburbs. The façade of North Adelaide is a perfect blend of historical and modern architecture seamlessly woven among tree-lined streets, packed with grand homes in a sprightly setting. This is where you will view the gorgeous twin spires of the Anglican Church’s own St Peter’s Cathedral and the luscious Pennington Gardens, an invigorating retreat from the city life.

adelaide-river-torrensAnd what draws most people to North Adelaide is the charming scene of bars and restaurants on the cusp of the CBD, where two distinctive streets host crowds of hungry and thirsty visitors. O’Connell Street leads with chewy Italian, Asian and Modern Australian dishes. The cosmopolitan Melbourne Street is your place of choice if you fancy sipping from stylish pubs, classy cafes and top-notch restaurants. So whether you’re a keen to indulge on some exotic fine wine, sip on a latte or love a dining night out with some cocktails to crown it, seek no farther than North Adelaide!

North Adelaide accommodations are also surrounded by facilities to keep you fiddle-fit over your holiday. Playgrounds and parklands keep you engaged and sweating. The City of Adelaide Golf Links and the Adelaide Aquatic Centre are found right in North Adelaide. You can supplement your morning jogging sessions with a walk to the CBD instead of the sedentary 10 minutes drive. Of course this consummates you’re stay in Adelaide with an in depth exploration of the streets. From North Adelaide you can easily walk to the Rundle Mall and pick a few new season fashions or jog to the beach side Glenelg and many other renowned South Australian wine pockets!

You may surprisingly complete your exploration of Adelaide without having to book a hotel in the CBD. North Adelaide accommodation offers a wide range of choice apartments packed with lovely upmarket vibes, fantastic cuisine and the green refreshing space tucked away from the bustling city centre.

Greenways Apartments in North Adelaide is one of the best locations to stay, the advantages of living in region is outstanding. The proximity to the CBD means your downtown businesses keep running while you enjoy a rural setting life, a home away from home. The free ‘city bikes’ lets you leave the car behind and explore the city in a more intimate way.

The next time you are in South Australia, try North Adelaide and you might as well postpone you return home. Generously spaced rooms, ample amenities, great food and a welcoming society will ensure you have warm stay beyond your normal expectations.

Interesting Facts About Mens Ties

Many people wear a tie 5 days a week; they look exceptionally smart and professional. The strange thing is that they seek to know nothing beyond that about that time old neck wear. Necktie_of_the_monthLet’s look at some fun facts that surround the humble fashion item. First, did you know that the Oxford University rowing club was the first to create a sports tie? Let’s share a lot more fun fact that can keep your tea break stories rolling.

Little known terms

Yes, grabatologist! That is the name for a person who collects mens ties. Knowing that word could one day save you in a general knowledge contest countdown.

Unearthing the Origin

Ties trace their path back to the statues of soldiers buried in 210 BC with the Chinese emperor Shih Huang Ti. This means neckties ties are nothing modern. More distinctive neckties reappear in 1618; but after the First World War, neckties became increasingly common. They were used to display membership to various military groups.

The hidden code

British ties have stripes running from the left shoulder down towards the right side. The American ties however, run the opposite direction to distinguish them from the British military stripes. Some exceptions hold: the Wellington College, the Royal Marine and the Royal Navy have stripes running the American way.

The stripes are back

The renaissance of the traditional striped tie is with us. The colors are getting brighter and the stripes seem even more modern than they really are! It is a known fact that fashions go and come, with some trends proving timeless.

Width and Time

The historical era of ties can easily be identified by the width of the tie. Ties were widest after the Second World War, measuring 4.5 inches. In the 1950s the width of neckties went down to around 3 inches. The width kept thinning down till the 1960s when it settled down at 1 inch. At the turn of the century, the width of the neckties widened to 3.5 inches, settling at that till now.

The era of the shortest tie

before the Second World War, ties were worn shorter than today. The reason is that the dressing trend was the three-piece suit with trousers worn high up the waist. It would be weird to have the tie stick out below the vest.

Happy Father’s Day

Do you know that necktie is the leading Fathers’ Day gift. Guess what follows next. Socks! So, next time you want to get your dad a Father’s day gift, ensure the width of the tie matches the era your dad must have started wearing ties.

How much is a tie?

Satya Paul scoped $250,000 for a tie he designed for a 2004 Mumbai fashion show. He studded 261 diamonds to a tie made of pure silk, making the world’s most expensive tie. Definitely not the kind of a tie you would spill coffee on!

The Tie is a must wear

In the US and the UK, a tie is almost a compulsory office wear. It is perceived that the necktie makes you look smart and conscientious. In the UK, the tie is viewed as a symbol of respect; failing to wear your tie would appear impolite.

A weapon in the neck

Did you know that muggers have used their victim’s ties to subdue them when robbing them? Would it be then be wise to strip the tie off the neck once you get out of the office?

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Product Photography: You can start now!

Product Photography: Get started now!

Fun behind photo shooting

prod__behindthescenesbrightSETUPWhen you browse those high end online shops, you will notice the telling quality of photographs that portray the items on sale. Evidently, that is product photography at it best. Product photography has the challenge of making the buyer get as closest feel of the item on sale as possible. The buyer can’t physically touch the item in the online store, so the best visual impact is required to give a clear picture of the item.

Product photography is a fun profession to take. And,  being a product photographer can also make a pretty interesting hobby as well as an extra source of income after your normal workday. Unlike other skilled jobs, a new photographer can surprisingly take breathtakingly wonderful shots from the start! It is art, and talent has a hand. But skills are also required to actually enhance the final photo.

The first steps

You will agree with me that photography is just secondary. What really matters is what you want to cover. Does it display in a way that will help the buyer make a more informed decision? Your product photography gear will largely depend on what photos you want to take. So, you can start with virtually any digital camera and add items little by little as your photography trend guides you. Actually there is hardly any such fully equipped photographer since they all seem to add “something new” to their studios whenever the need arises.

A few gadgets

If you feel photography is your way, you want to consider having a simple studio that will serve many of your beginner’s concern. The equipment should also balance on the cost since some of these things can really suck money.

An assortment of lenses is necessary if you need the flexibility to serve in multiple situations. You may need some tilt-shift lenses if you wish to avoid distortion or macro lenses for detailed shots. Lighting is also a concern for the professional photographer. You may need multi-strobe set with softboxes, snoots, ringflash, umbrellas, grids and other lighting modifiers. You also need flags to block unnecessary light. You also need the tripod for stability and consistency in your shots.

Then there for the background and more, black plexiglass, clear plexiglass, light tents, light cubes and seamless paper of every color are necessary.

Get prepared

Advanced preparation for product photo shooting will result in a quality that will save your post production time. Keeping some microfiber and some cleaning solutions will help you prime the product before the shooting.

The unforeseen circumstances

Remember lots of products, like clothing, won’t be able to support themselves. Here you need lots of creativity. In certain situations the support will force their way into the final photos necessitating post production removal. Other cases arise when shooting reflective products. How do you keep light under tight reins so that glares won’t mar the image? You may consider displaying in and dark background and avoid using the flash to get the best shot.

Every photo shooting is unique and jogging you mind to get the best is the only solution. And remember no device will rescue bad photography. Your skill set and talent should take you way ahead of the most heavily equipped photographers.

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